Teaching and entertaining robotics & electronics using lego toys.

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Find out more about our services and how we can help you and your child learn and grow using Legos to create robotic designs.

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My Robot Academy is devoted to inspiring young people to discover and explore many important technological and scientific aspects involved in building their own robots. A child's learning experience should be fun and engaging and we strive to teach them important skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in life while participating in a fun learning environment. Read More

We encourage all of our students to work together as a team to achieve their goals. Through our curriculum, young people have the opportunity to learn many fundamental skills such as critical & independent thinking, responsibility, mutual respect, collaboration, communication and a myriad of other important life skills necessary to compete in today's ever changing society. A child's natural curiosity is a driving force behind his or her success and we utilise this natural tendency to facilitate their personal growth and development.

Our curriculum is focused on bridging the gap between grade school and university, making it easier for young people to transition from one stage in their lives to the next. The future is in technology, science and math and it's our goal to instill these values into the youth we have the pleasure to work with.

My Nano Engineer

Ages 5-10 | LEGO Boost

My Micro Engineer

Ages 7-10 | LEGO WeDo

My Mega Engineer

Ages 10-16 | LEGO Mindstorm

My Giga Engineer

Ages 15-18 | My Arduino